Just feeling bored

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Don’t know what’s going on with me. Feeling tired, no time to blog and I just enjoying myself to play this stupid game in Zynga, after I devoted my time playing games they just increase the amount of virtual food I need so I can buy an energy.  I need to quit playing as early as I can my blogging hours and mood is already affected.
Since Friday I want to write a blog, but I keep neglecting this urge because of this online game, anyway last Friday the gym is like somewhat deserted. Nobody is working out except to me and my hubby and two ladies. Where are the body builders? What’s going on? All the small screen in the thread mill is on, on the screen is the live telecast of FIFA games. Your guess is right as mine, locals are on their home in front of their TV, watching the soccer game Korea versus Argentina. The street also is empty that night, all you can see are few youngsters wearing red shirt. Others has a devil like horn which is lighting in red. You are also going to notice a lot of delivery guys speeding around, either pizza or some kind of snacks which is good when you are watching in front of your TV. You can also find some coffee shop which is full with yelling locals which is not during normal days.
I have managed to watch a little piece of the game where Korea scored one, it is too sad  that in the end Korea loss with a score 4-1 in favor of Argentina.

I will just post some photos from the gym tomorrow I  am feeling lazy to connect my camera on my computer. What the heck of me.

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