Kangchi Eating Bones

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Small puppies have sensitive stomach, bones can make them sick or feel ill. Although bones can also help them unsharpen their teeth. Chicken bones are dangerous to feed to your small puppies as it can tear their intestine, although bones from pig or cow is probably safe because they cannot chew it but just bite and lick it.

Puppy Eating Bones

Just after we ate lunch, my mother gives our dog some bones to eat. She is crying so loudly as if she has not eaten yet. But the truth is they already eat, I feed them in advance so that when we are eating they will not cry out loud. After receiving the bone that my mother gave to her, she ran so fast and hides under the table. But she’s not contented hiding under the table. So she ran again and hides under the study table. And there she eats the bone and making some sound as if there is someone who will get her bone.

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