Korean Supermarket in Icheon

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The weather today is very hot so I decided to put sunblock  before going out. I have to go to the bank to pay our internet, electricty and gas bill. I also need to go to downtown Icheon to buy cans of kidney beans and frozen chicken breast in the supermarket at the back of Lotte Super.

There’s kidney beans at the Lotte Super in Shinha-ri but it wasn’t good like the one in the red cans, and their frozen chicken too are bit expensive than what we usually buy when we are still living in Changjeon-dong.  I took bus #8 going to downtown and went out in the bus stop near the terminal. I walked a little and it is already the supermarket, I went in and went out.  I saw group of women talking out loud at the next street I am sure they are not local, anyway I just walked to the street where I came from I could get to the bus stop near the World Food Mart.



We are now shopping at this mart because it less expensive than Lotte Super, I think we already shop to all the supermarket around Icheon downtown of course except for Happy Mart which is way too far.

While waiting to cross the street to the bus stop the group of women came, I am not sure if they are my countrymen or not so I just take a quick look to them I think nobody even notice me except for one of them, I am about to cross the street when I heard them talking in our local langauge.  They are Filipina indeed, was bit too late because I already run to safety, I mean to the next street because cars and delivery trucks are already coming.

Less than a minute the bus came and that’s how my short trip to Icheon downtown ended,  before going home I stopped at Paris Baguette to buy garlic baguette.

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