Left my Tears

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I am all alone here in my room
Thinking all the crazy things I have done
All the foolished things I have planned
I am all lone here, my heart is in gloom

My mind is roaming
My heart is asking
Why myself is sinking?
Why i mean as nothing?

This day my friend and I had met
I want to hug him, embrace him beyod the net
I just want to tell him how i really appreciate his friendship with me
But he is keeping away from me

My heart is asking why?
Turn off is not a lie
All i want is to cry
My feelings can’t deny

I am not stupid but all I want is to see him smile
I am not a fool but all I want is to caress him for a while
But he is now saying goodbye his moves can’t lie
I was hurt but a little smile can heal for a little while.

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