Life Back Home – Palarong Pambayan Parade 2014

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It was been almost two months since I came back to my home town after living and traveling abroad. Most of the time I just stayed home and seldom go to town unless I felt bored sitting and tweaking in front of my laptop, never visited friends not until when I am month long. Well I only visited one friend, and two other visited me at home to my surprised. Hiding from friends doesn’t mean I am different person now or what other says I don’t look back. We can’t deny that it is already a norm of many Filipinos to have a welcome party when coming home from abroad, to treat some friends and relatives and sad to say I have no means to treat them or to splash some cash, I am living abroad but I have no job I am on dependent visa where I am not allowed to work legally and I also don’t rely on my husband’s money, I do blog and earn a bit from it enough to support my parents.

Palarong Pambayan 2014

Anyway today, we went to town to watch the parade for “Palarong Pambayan” it was a sport competition for town schools. We are not able to start the parade as we arrived late so we are only able to see a bit of it, I brought my camera as normal bloggers do. I took some photos and videos to keep.

When it ends we went directly to new market to buy food for lunch. As expected, fish is expensive but if I am going to compare it to the price abroad it is nothing.


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