Life has no Backspace

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Restlessness is already part of me; there are times I want to take my head off so my mind will stop thinking. There is just one moment in time I want to burst in tears, and cried for no apparent reason, I just want time to stop or run quickly. I want to travel ahead of my life since there is no chances to return back the time, I can’t change things nor correct mistakes that has been made. Life is over for me, been there and done that!


Life is full of surprises; it isn’t simple like how some people presume it to be. There is no backspace and delete button, there is no auto correction and there is no pause button. Worst, there is no another chance to a few of us, just regrets, pain and memories to carry on our graveyard. We cannot undo things nor undo our mistakes, every cause has an effect which can not be undone.

Life isn’t always mean happiness, there are some people who are lucky and there are people who are unlucky. Life is ironic, life is unfair.  Life is full of rejection, it is full of up and downs. Life is strange!

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