Life in Korea

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Today is the three years marked since I arrived here in Korea. I can still vividly remembers my first flight alone, nervous and excitement. My husband fetch me at the airport and the feeling of being reunited and being strange with the surrounding around me is glittery.

My first few days are are not that bad and not that good, I hate the smell of gim I barely eat gimbap. The gimbap that my husband bought for me while we are in the subway stays in the fridge until it was already too hard to eat and your guess is right as mine I have to throw it.

I didn’t even appreciate the taste of kimchi it is too salty and hot for me, same thing with their noodles I felt like I ate a whole bunch of chilli peppers so what I did those time is pour a lot of water in my cup and use a little amount of seasoning so I can eat without a problem. And there comes the instant ottogi meal I only eat few of them like the meat balls, barbecue chicken and etc., but the rest are wasted.

My husband buy a lot of food for me but most of them are wasted so week by week my food supplies declined and I only eat eggs and noodles, I lose weight and that’s for sure but when my husband’s contract in Seoul ended after few months and we moved on where we are now, everything changed.

I started to love kimchi, being addicted to gimbap, bibimbap and other Korean food. I appreciate the food and eat without hesitation I have been in love with the gim I can even eat gim alone. Oh well in short period of time I have adjusted on the food here, the place and everything and it is hard to believed it is already three years since I arrived here.

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