Life is Unpredictable and You Never Know What is Coming

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Life is unpredictable, you could be alive today and dead tomorrow. Yes, we don’t know what will happen the next morning, we could just wake up and feel dizzy and it is the end, or we could just prepare ourselves to sleep and we felt too tired and exhausted, and the little we know our blood pressure is dropping down, we might make it to the hospital, but things will never be the same anymore, we can’t move nor we can’t see, we maybe have the will to get up and live but our body is too tired and immovable, we are slowly dying without knowing it ahead of time.

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A few years ago, I have said that most people weren’t given a second chance to live or to grow up, but I realized we might have given the second chance but it was too late for us to realize that the second chance was already given to us and we just lost it forever for being unobservant.

It was five weeks ago when an Uncle died of heart attacked and now two of my relatives passed away in a week, a day apart, an uncle (Sept. 13) and grand aunt (Sept. 14). I was shocked upon hearing the sad news, I never thought it was that bad, I thought both of them will recover and live their life like they used to be, but God has different plans for them.

What is weird a few days or a week before the sad news happened. I have always seen black butterflies flying around everyday and two days before an uncle died, I saw a white medium size duck in our roof top early in the morning which is looking religiously at the church. I have thought of the duck as an angel because his feathers are so white and clean. It was weird to see a duck that early morning, I didn’t hear it came and I didn’t hear it flew away when it left. When I look around our neighbors duck, I didn’t find this particular duck, most of the ducks around where bigger and have dirty feathers.

What is more weird when I took a photo of a red rose in my grandmother’s backyard garden, an uncle died and when I took a photo of pink rose I saw in town, a grandaunt (my grandfather’s sister) died. I don’t know if it was only a coincidence, or is it a creation of my weird self or there is something more in it.

Update (3:50 PM).

When I went out this morning to walk my dog, I have seen another black butterfly flying around the trees and flowers, I have seen it many times lurking around my grandmother’s backyard. I felt a bit scared, but didn’t take it too seriously, but I just heard right now from my relatives who were talking outside that another grandaunt (my grandmother’s sister) passed away today (Sept. 17), the mother of an Uncle who died from a heart attacked five weeks ago.

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