Looking at the Sky in Gyeongbokgung

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Days seems so fast its Friday again, time to look at the sky and wish all the things you have in your mind. This photo was taken Gyeongbokgung, a royal palace located in northern Seoul, South Korea. First constructed in 1394 and reconstructed in 1867, it was the main and largest palace of the Five Grand Palaces built by the Joseon Dynasty. The name of the palace, Gyeongbokgung, translates in English as “Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven.”

This is my 4th entry for Skywatch Friday



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2 Responses to “Looking at the Sky in Gyeongbokgung”

  1. Manang Kim says:

    Cool place. The hill looks like the hill in my hometown in the Philippines. Happy weekend!


  2. Magical Mystical Teacher says:

    palace, the gods smile
    upon you

    Two Skies:
    Sky Askew
    Wildflower Sky

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