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Bluehoney : look there’s a big bird! 
San Andres was originally a barangay of Odiongan which became a municipality on 1920. It was a native settlement of nipa huts known as Parpaguha, named after a rare large bird that had its nest among the thicket along the river where settlement was located.
Among the first Spaniards to reach Parpaguha during the later half of the 19th century was Don Jose de Tiran, a military commander of Romblon who set out an inspection trip of the surrounding villages. On reaching the place he ordered a civil guard to fetch a glass of water from nearby well. The water turned out to be salty and the Spaniard yelled “Salado”, issuing an official order to that effect.
In 1882, a prominent resident of Salado named Rufino Leano was accused of a crime by an influential Spaniard, Don Barcelo. Don Barcelo succeeded in having Leano imprisoned without trial in the provincial jail of Capiz (which Romblon then belonged to as a sub-province).
Years later, the Spanish Governor-General Eulogio Despujol visited Capiz, and Leano successfully sought an audience with him. Governor Despujol found Leano innocent and set him free. On reaching his hometown, he successfully petitioned the provincial governor to change the name of Salado to “Despujols” in honor of the Governor General.

The third change of name during the late years of President Carlos P. Garcia’s administration. Because the town’s name was reminiscent of Spanish tyranny, the town was renamed “San Andres” in honor of the town’s patron, Saint Andrew, patron of fishermen. Most of the people of San Andres are fishermen. The name was changed by an executive order enacted June 18, 1961.

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  1. ♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ says:

    Where is Odiongan? I think I heard my mom say the name of that place somewhere in Visaya,amybe in Aklan where I was born,I'm not sure.
    Nice capture by the way. 🙂

    My SkyWatchFriday

  2. RyHeAnNe says:

    Odiongan is in Romblon, Philippines. Southern Tagalog Region ^_^ Few hours from Aklan

  3. Gwendolyn L says:

    I liked your informative story to go along with the beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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