L’Oreal Repairing and Caring Shampoo + Repairing Conditioner on Sale

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Today I went to Lotte Supermarket to buy 10kg of rice, it took me a while the find the price so I call the attention of a sales clerk but I am still the first one to find the price when she roam her eyes around the price lists. After getting a rice I continue to roam around the supermarket to look for something cheap and on sale.

L'oreal Conditioner

I was not expecting any sale among the shampoo’s and conditioner because the supermarket doesn’t frequently hold sale on shampoo and conditioner products unlike the other supermarket near us. So I guess I am lucky to see L’oreal shampoo and conditioner on 50% sale, there’s only 3 pair left and I am only thinking of buying 1 or 2 pair but to the last minute I put them all in my cart.

L'oreal Shampoo

[L’oreal Shampoo]

I decided to buy all of them because it was cheap and I am also planning to buy online on the same price or more + shipping fee, so buying right away in the store will save me on shipping fee. As far as I remember my sister uses L’oreal Shampoo for her hair so I am sure she will be happy receiving these set.

L'oreal Shampoo

[L’oreal Conditioner]

Retail Price: ₩8, 000
Sale Price: ₩4, 000
Savings: ₩4, 000

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