Mandoo and Mas Day Chicken

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Last night was raining a little but it didn’t stop me to went out and buy some food.  I first went to Mandoo place and ordered mandoo or dumplings as I can’t read the language I just point-point luckily there’s young Korean people who told me what I am pointing at, like if it is meat, spicy or kimchi. I ended up ordering three box of mandoo, meat, kimchi and fried meat.

After it I went to Mas Day one of the famous chicken place in Korea because you can find them anywhere.  There’s only few people inside when I went in so it was just  a right time I ordered fifty-fifty chicken, half fried chicken and half chicken with spicy sauce. I stayed outside to wait for my order, it is going to be awkward if I stayed inside because the people inside are drinking beer. The woman just call when my order was already cooked when it was handed to me, I got startled why it is too heavy. At home I found it has free cider, corn, preserved radish and pickles and mustard sauce.

I also stopped at Family Mart to buy ice cream on stick, Gelato it is our favorite flavor right now. As they also blueberry flavor I also buy 2 pieces so in all I bought 8 pieces of ice cream in stick.

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