Me and My Story at Travel3Sixty Magazine

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Hi guys guess what this is the surprised I am talking about the other day on my old post, I am featured!  Duh, Ows? Am I serious? Well yes as a matter of fact you can see the evidence below, hehe.  I just received it today. Anyway this is what I like in flying and traveling … I am able to share stories and places I have visited to my dear readers through my travel blog The Traveler’s Journey
Travel 3Sixty is an in-flight magazine of AirAsia, so if you are inside AirAsia plane right now you might stumble to my face err I mean story. 

I have submitted my story around January and Mr. Rajendra the editor of this magazine replied to me that he want my story to be featured on March issue, so here is it. I won  AirAsia E-Gift Voucher RM100  together with a hard copy of Travel3Sixty magazine.

Thank you to Mr. Rajendra, Ms. Fazlina Bee, Travel 3Sixty staff and AirAsia Family!
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15 Responses to “Me and My Story at Travel3Sixty Magazine”

  1. Star-chuu says:

    WOW! That's pretty cool Rhy! Congratz! Puedeng mabasa yong story mo? πŸ™‚

  2. wow congrats sis…celebrity ka na sis coz u r featured on a magazine. I wish to read it.

  3. wow, naman i'm proud of you pwede pa autograph hehe ..

  4. clavsupclose says:

    Wow! good for you! congratulations!
    I am now your newest follower,

  5. sublime wanderer says:

    Good for you! =) Hope you could post the article here too hehe.

  6. anne says:

    Wow thats nice girl congratulations!

  7. RyHeAnNe says:

    @clavsupclose thank you and I followed you also

    @Star-chuu thanks to sis, sure maybe I am going to published it on my travel blog

    @Chuchie Thanks a lot sis, di pa naman sinuwerte lang me..

    @workingathome Thank you sis, buti ka pa nanghingi ng autograph si Pookie bear kc ako na nag-offer ayaw pa rin…hahaha

    @sublime wanderer, yeah thanks, just watch out for the post…

  8. Cafe au lait says:


    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  9. Ms. Burrito says:

    Congratulations Tita!

    Ruby Blanket, my first Ruby Tuesday.

  10. Joyful says:

    Congratulations. Well done!

  11. mymommyconfessions says:

    Wow! That is soooo cool! You are "officially" a writer! Congratulations, Rhy! Truly, Bloggers rule! πŸ˜€

  12. Mel Cole says:

    Hi sis Rhyea, so long time to see you here! hehehe, wow, congrats for having your story featured! Writer na writer ka na!

  13. kat says:

    wow! graveh na to…as in celebz ka na and great writer pa…congrats Hyanne and am sure Filipinos are proud of you…yeheyyyy!

  14. Scotty's Princess says:

    Sorry Rhy. I've used my co-worker's account when I've published my comment above, hehe!

    It's me LAINY and not STAR, LOL!

  15. chubskulit says:

    Way to go sis, see sabi sayo you could be a good writer, dami mo potential hehehe.. Congratulations!

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