Meet Snipey

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Meow! Yuri is not just the one who had a potential to be a model, here’s Snipey, the model cat.
Hi everyone, My name is Snipey and nice to meet you all. Ryanne call me Snipey because I am black as Wesley Snipes is. I am few months old on this photo, my favorite food is chocolate and curls. Every time I heard Ryanne or Luke scratching  plastic I run fast as I can with my siblings, and Mom. Sometimes it means snacks but most of the times they’re just teasing  and make fun of us because it is always a marathon.
I am sleepy here in this photo because I am really sleeping that time but Ryanne wake me up and all I know a light blink on my eye. She really loves taking photo of us.

 This is me when I am few days old, don’t know what comes to Ryanne‘s mind. She hanged my sister’s like this and took photo, I am so scared that I hide on my mom’s tummy but she still find me and this is me hanging on clothes  string. I am really shivering that time.

 This is me with my sister’s, this was our first time to went out of house, Ryanne picked the three of us and put in top of the chicken’s coop. We are all afraid on the strange light and place, I cried out loud calling for Mom. I have seen Mom but she never care to come near us she was busy licking her fur maybe she knew there’s nothing bad will happen to us.

Thanks God someone heard us crying, that’s not Mom. That’s my older sister Paul, dunno why Ryanne name her Paul she’s a girl. She is our substitute mother when Mom is not around or even she was, she cleaned  us and let us drink her milk. We are really pampered by our sister. She returned us inside the house one by one.,

See you again, I will introduce my family to  you.

4 Responses to “Meet Snipey”

  1. SmilingSally says:

    Ryanne, you are a TRUE BLUE cat lover! Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Lily Arbee says:


    Greetings from Marang, Terengganu (east coast of Malaysia).

    Fine Meow Meow you got there. Nice pic of Snipey posing though look very sleepy! Thanks for sharing pics of all your other cats and kittens.

    Come and see mine when you are free.

    Have a good week. Cheers!

  3. Lily Arbee says:

    By the way my blog's name is Therapy Home and the url is as follows:

    just in case there is no indication of it.

    Nice getting you know you

  4. Mariuca says:

    Meow meow! Welcome to Fluffy Friday and Snipey is one sleek cat. I love his pictures here yowzaa!!! Hope to see more this week yay! πŸ™‚

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