Meeting a Friend in Seoul

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These past few days I am not that active online anymore, I spend most of my time in the open forum reading stories and problems that’s why most of my blogs are not well updated because of my new habit. I want to go back online, do my task and design the themes but I am not always on the mood, I can’t focus probably because I am still trying to fit here in our new place.

Anyway I am going to the embassy in Seoul this Thursday to renew my passport and I will also make use the time to meet my friend in Seoul it was been a long time since the last time we met, probably two years have been past since our last meeting.

So I’ll be away for the whole day, my biggest problem right now is how to wake up early in the morning because I have to be in Seoul very early for my embassy appointment. I have to take a bus which takes one hour and a subway so I can reach our meeting point.

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