Mellow Yellow Monday

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Happy Halloween everyone! How is it going?  Last Friday my husband and his co-teacher had a small party for their students, playing games and watching Disney horror movies. He brought home these food after it, I think the kids did not ate all of the food. So I had a box of pizza and a lot of cheese..


4 Responses to “Mellow Yellow Monday”

  1. Marites says:

    i want that pizza:) sounds like a good party to have a lot of leftover food after. have a good week! My MYM is here.

  2. Shahz says:

    Hmmm.. How nice to have that left over… Happy MYM!!

  3. Junneth says:

    Wow! Great stuff! My MYM is posted here:

  4. chubskulit says:


    Golden Monday, have a great start of the month!

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