Milkis- Carbonated Milk

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Have you heard of carbonated milk?
The other day hubby and I went shopping, beverages or soft drinks where on sale. So we just picked a pair a coke and a soda. Never thought it is not the drink we thought it was. It was a carbonated milk, a milk soda but I like it. It was good and taste a little like lassi.
The main ingrediments here are milk, sugar and carbonation. It is thinner but not too sweet and not to milkish. It also has very unique soft milk taste, well harmonized with cool carbonate. It’s got a medicinal, Tylenol-y.
Information about Milkis Regular, is milk-white drink, free of artificial food colors. Contains 10.9% non-fat dry milk. Milkis Strawberry, Orange & Musmelon are enriched with Calcium, Vitamin A, C, and D. Global item Milkis is loved by people all over the world including me.

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  1. Y says:

    yeup! I have heard about this! My korean friends LOVE this!

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