Missha is on sale: My escapades in Seoul

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I was very tired yesterday, I arrived here in our apartment at 7:30 in the evening from Seoul. Well at least it is positive, yes we got a Bangladesh visa so I’ll be out of touch next week. Just hoping when I returned I am not going to be lazy to blog, sigh.

Yesterday as I am going to go to the subway platform I have seen a lot of ladies in MISSHA, one of the popular beauty/cosmetic/ store here in Korea. They are up to 50% SALE I have also seen it in our place but I didn’t know it is all over MISSHA. So I also get in and try the testers, when I came out I smelled with different sprays and fragrances, including lotions. I have also one bag of Missha products with me.

After buying the desired  products I rushed to the subway platform I don’t want to be late to pick-up our passports eh. Well I was on time actually 25 minutes early for 4:30 PM. I try to open the door but it is closed, so I waited outside and one Korean national and Bangladeshi came, the first guy also try to open the door but he can’t so we waited outside until one guy came out the room and then we came in. After picking up our passport I went to Itaewon instead of taking the subway again I just walked to the place, I almost get lost because I took a different route I went to antique shops just so thankful that Hamilton Hotel is too big not to notice so I find my way to the busy street of Itaewon, I walked around and finally enter a souvenir shop. I found souvenir shirts but when I saw a Korean doll I take it instead. After paying the doll I return to the subway so I can take a bus and go home. After one more transfer I arrived at the subway where I have bought my stuffs, the dork me went inside again. When I pay at the counter the lady looks surprised to see me again, lol.  I got the six o’clock bus and I am very lucky that I was on time three minutes before the bus leaves when I bought a ticket. There’s some vacant seats at the back I decided to transfer so I can eat my gimbap rolls. Yes I never eaten yet since I wake-up and left home around one o’clock in the afternoon.
After one hour we arrived on our city, its pretty cold eh. While walking I saw the MISSHA shop just in front of the gym, the dork me came in again and when I came out with one bag of Missha again. That’s why I had two bags. As what I told before I love SALE, and I can’t resist with the temptation of 50% Sale. I saved a lot I only pay $20.26 including tax  instead of $37.69.

When I came home, expect the expected. My husband nagged asked at me instead of me nagging at him actually until I wake up he is nagging at me. He asked me what how much did I spend with my trip to Seoul when I returned the change. Seeing what I bought he asked me where I got the money especially I have a Korean doll and etc., well I used my allowance buying the doll.  What makes him pissed off of me when he knows I did not eat. He told me I gave you money to eat and not to shop. He asked me to withdraw 50 thousand won  ($43.73) and I returned 15,000 won ($13.12) as changed. I used 12 thousand won ($10.49) as fare and the rest which is $20.11 shopping for sale. I think it is just fair because I also used my own money for buying gimbap rolls (hahaha) and pay additional 15 cents to my stuffs.

Anyway this morning afternoon he keeps nagging at me, darn due to tiredness last night I left the egg shells in the sink which he said not to do it. Anyway it is washed so it doesn’t stink, he said it is  also pay back time for disturbing him when he is busy in front of his computer because he knows I don’t like to be nagged / scolded when I just wake up.  Well that’s life, I have to learn my lesson if I want my allowance coming. Be a lazy blogger but not a lazy wife. Teheeee…


I can hear the air siren right now, when I ever heard it, it sounds danger to my ears. I guess it is just a practice because I can’t hear people rushing outside.

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  1. Silvergirl says:

    hahaha, hay nakakatawa ka talaga… ur a sale addict eh..

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