Monina: A Black Female Cat from the Town Market

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Adopting kittens from the street is quite normal for us, when we found kitten being abandon we immediately pick them to bring home.  Well, but Monina a black female cat is different although we can consider her abandon in some aspects. She was given to us by a relative’s wife who owned a rice store in town, she doesn’t own the cat but it stays on her store every day.  We are told that the owner doesn’t take care of the cat anymore so it needs a new home and family.

Black Female Cat

We brought her home and immediately introduce to our cats; their first meeting didn’t turn out good. Monina is somehow irritated with the presence of the male cats so we just let them to  be familiar to each other.  After few hours, we found out that Monina is missing so we search around the house and she is nowhere to be found and that is when we heard a cat fighting with another cat, we immediately rush to our neighbor’s house and there we found her in the roof agitated with the pregnant cat of our neighbor. It took us long time to bring her down because she was not familiar yet with us, when we are able to get her we decided to leash her at home which is not normal but putting her on leash, will make her tame and secured hence we are worried too that she might runaway from our home.

We noticed Monina likes to wiggle her tail a lot maybe because she used to stay in the town market where there is a lot of flies and to get rid of them she moves her tail. Her right feet is twisted too but it doesn’t make her to limp when walking.

Btw, Monina was the name given to her and we didn’t changed it anymore since she is already older and might confused her. 🙂

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