Moringa Leaves Home Remedy for Cuts

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Had a very bad day yesterday after I accidentally cut myself early in the morning when my family woke me up just to make an instant coffee for my father. I was a bit unhappy since it wasn’t six o’clock in the morning yet when they woke me up. Anyway, since too much caffeine make me sick and nervous without a reason I decided to prepare luke warm calamansi for myself and while cutting them I have included my fingers, I have forgotten  that the knife was newly sharpened last night when my father used it in slicing and cutting meat at a neighbors house who’ll be celebrating his 50th birthday. Well, I immediately wash my hand with water and soap in the bathroom and put iodine but the cuts didn’t stop bleeding making me anxious, I tried to sip it but then I stopped and tried to looked for cottons but can’t find any so I rushed to the moringa tree in our backyard, took some young leaves, chewed it and put them on my cuts, it tasted bitter and it hurts but it is very effective the bleeding stops, I have learned the tricked from my aunt’s husband. When I went back inside our house, found out that I left droplets of blood in our floor, and what comes to my mind is my blood type, what type of blood do I have. LOL

Moringa is one of the most powerful health-enhancing plants, eating it has a lot of benefits since it was very nutritious and  very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds.

Anyway, late afternoon we are invited to a 50th and 3rd birthday party in our neighborhood,  it’s a father and son’s birthday. My sister was requested to take photos of the celebration but since she isn’t feeling well, she doesn’t want to do it and I don’t wanna do it as well since I have cut my fingers and it is hard to move the lens back and forth when taking photos, and then I am also ashamed taking photos of the who’s and who, the birthday celebrant is school supervisor so I believed most of his visitors are well known people and professionals.

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