Moving to Shinha-ri

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Few more days and we are going to move, we already visited the new apartment in Shinha the other day.  Sunhee the company director fetch us, so we could see it.  At first glance it look smaller than our apartment here,  if given a choice I would still choose our apartment here in downtown. I already built a bond with our apartment, I love every corner of it.

Our things are already packed and ready to go, this is all what we accumulated in three years leaving in Icheon, when we first arrived in this City from Seoul all we had is one big box and two big bags and now see what we got.

Anyway the good thing of the new apartment  is it is on the 4th floor. No more unexpected visitor because  I just had a little phobia from doorbell sound, but it does not matter anyway if you are not going to be around all day.

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