My Baby

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…photo. Haha, have you thought its my baby as in baby daughter? (Toinks!)  Sometimes I feel out of place in this blogging world because all of the bloggers I met were “Mommies“. Haist anyway this is the first day of Ate Rose Nostalgia Meme, so here is my entry photos I can never forget and sometimes I wish I can return in the past and save all my baby pictures (huhuhu). If time machine is real I will return to the time where my baby pictures we’re still alive.

Once upon a time I have a lot of baby pictures and pictures when I am already on age one and so on, but now they are all gone. I did not gave so much importance to them when I was a little kid, I played, cut, throw or whatsoever those pictures even my mother keeps telling me not to play with them. Before she keep it but as far as I remember I cried reasoning “they’re my pictures so why I don’t have a right to see them when  ever I want”. So the cut the story short she gave it to me, my mother removed them from an album because they’re misty, so they’re put in one small plastic all together, time came my mind is not in the pictures anymore so my mother decided to keep it in one place I could not reach, it is above our ceiling.

I completely forgot those pictures, then one time when I am already old I think I am on my high school I asked my mother where are my old pictures, I feel so sad and depressed upon hearing that those pictures where gone a long time ago. If you don’t know our old roof is made of “pawid” so when it rains outside it rains inside our house too. That made my old pictures wet then fade.

Regret is always late, if I just know how importance are my pictures. Maybe they’re still alive these days, the first picture above is from my Aunt photo album in Manila. I found it last year when I am working with my visa I showed it to my mother and she told it was me. The funny thing though I had ask her if she was sure it was me. How could be a mother be mistaken with her own child? That’s what I realized after asking, I omitted the picture in the album (lol). The second and last pictures where from my grandmother’s album in Tarlac, I have found them there, so I also omitted it but this time I ask permission. The cut photo was from the laminated photo on my grand mother’s wall, I removed it and change a grown-up picture of me.

6 Responses to “My Baby”

  1. *♥Shydub♥* says:

    Wow, you able to keep all your baby picture. Ako isa lang nakita ko sa baul ng nanay ko hehehe. You are so cute and chubby when you were a baby.

  2. momgen says:

    Ako nga when my computer broke all files nawala din but some of it already in my blog so doon na lang ako kuha ehhehe. Thanks for sharing. Sali ako…

  3. chubskulit says:

    Hahahaha, naku nangomit ang prinsesa ng pictures lol. Thanks for joining Hyanne for the Nostagia's kick off! You are still so lucky kasi you've seen pictures of your childhood, I don't have any, Our house burnt down when I was still a baby then some of the pics I kept was washed away when our house was wiped out by a tidal wave back in the 90's.

    By the way, Nostalgia will not only revolve on old pics, you can also post a picture of any remembrance or souvenir (I am sure dami mo nyan since you love travelling. See you next week, ingat lagi!

  4. Mrs. Kolca says:

    cute ka pala nong baby ka.. hihi.. sabagay, lahat ng baby ay cute.. peace!

  5. Cecile says:

    wow, that is great! ako isa lang ang picture na sa akin nung maliit pa ako.

  6. Chie Wilks says:

    i enjoyed reading your nostalgia…thanks for sharing your childhood story and photos…at least you found some baby photos of you from your aunt

    mine is up too

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