My Habit of Procrastinating is Real

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Student life. I had a week off and two days but I spend it procrastinating (Mañana Habit), and today I am cramming on what to do first, online examination, watched informational videos, study online, do online assignments and quizzes and do some research.  I have already downloaded the videos and pdf files provided by one of our teacher through Google Classroom and what is left for me is to watch and read them but I can’t bring myself to do it, I went directly to Quiz 1 (Basic Concepts of Assessment) without watching and reading because they doesn’t seem related to each other, it looks like the quiz depends on your basic knowledge about assessment or our from the short introduction that was shared to us on our first class, that’s what I think, but upon reading more before I submitted my answers, I have found out it is okay not to answer the quiz yet because we didn’t discussed it yet (lmao).

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Anyway, went to cemetery twice today for the burial of distant neighbors. One in the morning at the old cemetery and one in the afternoon at the not so new cemetery, went to two wakes last night with my family. We really didn’t stay long, went home thirty minutes before ten o’clock. You know what, it was so surreal that I felt a bit dizzy, it was almost a month ago when my grandmother has its funeral and burial eh.

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