My Old Clothes Fit Well After Almost Five Years

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When I am looking for clothes to wear to church last Sunday I saw the golden yellow blouse that my mother had sent to me in Korea almost five years ago. It was one of the few clothes that were left to my closet after I gave my old clothes to my sister and relatives when I gained a lot of weight a year ago. I tried the said clothes and it fits perfectly so I wore it and asked my sister to take photo of me because I was excited that I am able to wear the clothes again after wearing it only once when we traveled to India.

When I found an old photo wearing the same clothes taken almost five years ago I uploaded them both in Facebook because I was amazed that the clothes fit well on me but some of my friends noticed the other way, they compliment me that I look well today, I guess it is the magic of BB cream I had wear that day! 😀

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