My Pink Notebook

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It is been a week since my little green old notebook says goodbye, I have no more pages to write in it. I write blogs, or anything in that notebook, I was not able to buy a new one because it’s too cold to get outside plus the fact that I am using all my time in front of the computer. So on Friday night, we went first to “Any Home” to buy a notebook and somehow a pen. I don’t know what to choose in bunch of notebooks out there, when I saw this cute pink notebook I did not hesitate to have it. I also remember now maybe I can join the I love Meme or I love Pink think in blogging can’t remember eh.,

But today I have found out it is already closed so its okay. I still enjoy having this notebook. My hubby get irritated with me when I told him I am not going to write on this notebook again as what I did to the small notebook I have during my birthday.

I just love collecting notebooks and pen.
Updated: (November 26, 2009)

Everytime I log-in to my blogger account I made it sure to check my dashboard and see the blogs I follow especially my favorite sites. Sometimes I visited them twice to three times a day it depends when I love too. As I open today I found out that I love pink Meme is on the go again. So maybe it is okay make an entry, anyway I did not able to join last week.

ANyway if you are interested to join just click the I LOVE PINK button in the side bar. See you there!

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  1. IamNoOne says:

    been here… following you too.

    I love collecting key chains and already got I think 10 of them. I plan not to use them until I realized sayang naman kung di magagamit.

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