My reading habit and DubaiSally

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It says reading make us knowledgeable and smart but I think it depends on the kind of reading material we are reading. In my case I don’t read books or other learning paraphernalia’s what I read is all about news, cases, entertainment and gossips. Haha, well I am not that gossiper  if it is the right term for “tsismosa” it is my only way to have news about our beloved Philippines. But there are times I feel tired reading those online news because most of the headlines are toll hike, fare hike, gasoline hike. Killings, floods and etc., in my eyes Philippines is now a very dangerous country especially all I read is a son/daughter kill his/her father and mother and etc, holdup with murder, kidnap for ransom is just a normal thing to read in every news paper. Anyway on the contrary I think I also learned things by reading online at least my eyes are open on what is happening, at first I thought our Province is peaceful no mafia’s or groups or whatever they called it but darn I am so wrong.  So they are right reading make us more knowledgeable and aware on our surrounding.
Anyway last night I was not able to visit all of you because I am stuck again in this reading habit while I am reading an online news paper I have found out there’s a famous blogger named DubaiSally why famous because she is all over newspapers. So I have to read all her posts last night, by the way she is like us a blogger who express her thought online the only difference her blog is her diary about her work and life. A short information she is a Filipina maid in Dubai who blogged her daily life with her Ma’am. Just visit her page and for sure you are going to be entertain and somehow be touched with her life.

Other thought she is fake but no matter what it is worth visiting. So giddiyap and take a look at True Life Story of Filipina Maid in Dubai.

2 Responses to “My reading habit and DubaiSally”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Visited the site, nalula ako lol.. joke!

    I used to read pocketbooks but when I learned the so called BLOG, i neglected all my PB collections lol..

  2. RyHeAnNe says:

    Haha, san ka nalula Ate Rose sa sa unique niyang English hehe..

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