National Election Day Voting Experience

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It was National Election Day today, my sister served as poll watcher after being hired by a relative for a certain local candidate. It was only me and my parents left at home, for the first time after so many years my mother cooked for lunch. We agreed to vote at the same time but to my disappointment when my parents brought packed lunch to my sister they voted upon seeing that the precinct isn’t busy. Knowing it make me feel disappointed since they left me at home and before they went my mother says they will not vote but they did. I have thought every one is leaving me behind and breaking their promise when the road is wider and things work for their own good.  So mean isn’t it?

[Voters lining up at others voting precinct]

My father drove me to the voting precinct and since I am not in a good mood I didn’t look around when we entered the gate and I went directly to the voting precinct to vote. I didn’t take long since I only voted few candidates and there was no line in our designated voting precinct, when we left and passed the gate I overheard a male youngster calling his friend while saying “asawa nang kano” if translated in English it means “wife of American” a foreigner precisely. You know, most people thought that a foreigner is always a kano (Amerikano) or American in English. LOL

The voting experience was actually funny since it was the first time I have vote again after almost a decade and voting those time wasn’t that techy like as of today. I have thought that I have to bring home the print-out from the PCOS machine, I have folded it many times and I was ready to put it in my pocket and then I was told to drop it in a small box and when inking my fingers I don’t know which finger to hand over.  So funny isn’t it?

Anyway, I hope the best and trustworthy candidates will won this election.

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