New Church in the Neighborhood – Good Neighbor’s Church

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What is amazing living in Korea is you just wake up one day and there’s already a church in your neighborhood.  Last Friday, when I look outside our balcony this is what I see, men busy fixing something  at the nearby building where NKIDS English School was situated, M2 Gym was also in the ground floor of this building.

Good Neighborhood Church

When I zoomed my camera to see what’s happening or what’s new store/club they are working, I was surprised to know it’s  a church, Good Neighbor’s Church as it reads.

Good Neighbor's Church Korea

When we go to the gym that night they are still busy fixing something in the rooftop and when we went out everything is ready, the cross is well lighted up, definitely the church is ready for service/mass soon.

Church in Shinha-ri

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