New Signage in Odiongan Town

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Odiongan is moving progressively now adays, there are several things that the town had been accomplished in the past few years. A year ago a tourist centre was opened and since then bit by bit something new arises; a well-known fast food chain was in construction in town to cater local people and visitors.

Odiongan Romblon

Anyway, a recently the town accomplished a new building for teenagers then a new signage in the food terminal just in front of almost abandon commercial building. It was already very late if you ask me since Odiongan is a first class municipality but another town belonging to fifth class municipalities has signage already years before Odiongan has, as well as other municipalities belonging to lower class.

Odiongan Town at Night

On the first few days that the signage was lit, it attract old and young people. Many had their photo taken and shared in social media sites. Well, I hope the town can accomplished more things in the future.

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