North Korean artillery pounds S.Korean island

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As I am blog hopping last night I have found out that North Korea fired a deadly barrage of artillery shells onto a South Korean island on Tuesday in one of the most serious border incidents since the 1950-1953 war, inciting global condemnation. Two marines had died, 15 marines were wounded along with three civilians. South Korea’s military went on top alert, its troops fired back with cannon and the government met in an underground war room in response to what Seoul called an atrocity against civilians.

North Korea’s supreme command, however, accused South Korea of firing first and vowed “merciless military attacks with no hesitation if the South Korean enemy dares to invade our sea territory by 0.001 mm”. But condemnation of Pyongyangpoured in from the United States, which has 28,500 troops in South Korea, along with Russia, Japan and Western Europe.

Some 50 shells landed on Yeonpyeong near the tense Yellow Sea border, damaging dozens of houses and sending plumes of thick smoke into the air, YTN television reported.

I have asked my husband if he knows it and if he is not scared, well he said yes he knows it he just shrugged his shoulder and says he can fly back to Canada and left me here. What a loving husband he is(lol). Anyway he laugh on his own joke after wards, when went to North Korea last July it was also the time that South says North bomb the navy ship. That’s why it is kind of scary to go there that time, I don’t want to be a prisoner of war eh.,but it is more scary to go there now. Whew luckily we have a right decision to go there last July.

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  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    yes, it was in the news here in TV patrol, so ingat lang lagi dyan =)

  2. chubskulit says:

    Yeah, I was thinking about you guys when I read that on the news. Till when kayo dyan sis? Canadian ba asawa mo?

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