Not a very good day …

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I am not feeling well today and it is my fault. I have been hooked up using my laptop everyday and because of that I am too lazy to eat my meals. Yesterday I did not eat any rice I was too busy tweaking a new template to my other blog, when I wake up Pookie bear made a cup of coffee for me and strawberry/peanut butter sandwich (that’s how sweet he is sometimes especially if he want to experiment something on my drink) it was my brunch, then in the evening I just ate two pieces of chocolate and a bread rolls which I bought from Kim’s Mart last night too in spite of the cold temperature outside I went out to buy some stuffs.
I can’t sleep well last night my stomach  and my back is bothering me so I wake us early as ten o’clock to cook rice and fried some egg plant. I have eaten already and now drinking a cup of hot coffee but my back is still bothering  me plus my eyes feel blurry. I don’t wanna go the gym tonight but I don’t think Pookie bear will believe me because we always had a kind of tug of war every time we go to the gym. Hoping I am going to feel better tomorrow because I am going to meet my cousin in Seoul, she’s gonna be there to claimed her passport so she asked me if we can meet, I don’t know what will happen this will be the first time meeting/talking to her because they lived in a different province in Philippines ‘we have met before but no bonding at all because I am still young and she’s older so she’s always with our older cousin, we also had a misunderstanding last year  that brought a lot of tears to me. It feels so awkward meeting her but I have to do it so my other relatives will not say I am being boastful or other term for it.

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  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Hmmm, i hope your ok by now .. Anyway, when you read this maybe you met alredy your cousin so how is it your not really close pala πŸ™‚

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