Oily sweet Wednesday

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Last night Pookie bear and I shop for our daily supplies, we bought meat and vegetables too. I decided to buy one whole little piece of squash.  After sometime I feel hungry and decided to cook but the darn thing is I can’t cut the squash into pieces or even into half. Our knife is too small, so I have asked Pookie bear to cut it for me. So he did but he is not done yet I grabbed the knife from him and decided to peel the squash before cutting it into squares. Pookie was a little anxious the way I cut them so he told me why not boiled it so it is not that hard to peel and cut so I did. (Lol). Anyway to cut the story short I just sauteed the squash with meat and Pookie bear likes it a lot that nothing is left anymore for me to eat tonight.
That’s why I cooked another viand, my menu for tonight is meat cooked in a ketchup not spaghetti sauce anymore.  I used the old carrots in the fridge I think these carrot are already 2-3 months in our fridge (lol), I just used the present ingredients in our apartment and did not bother to buy anything because most vegetables here are sold per pack or grams not like in Philippines you can buy per piece.

After eating I feel like eating something sweet so I keep whining to Pookie bear I want to eat chocolate that he told to eat the one in the fridge (a gift I received from a local) but I remember  I still have chocolates on my bag so I look for it and I found Bounty Chocolate and some Bangladeshi chocolates. Anyway Bounty is my favorite chocolate now, I love coconut so much and Bounty has it.
Oh yeah, if you noticed my blog template here changes in every minute because I am trying to change my template and guess what happened? I lost all the blog in my blog list that stops me from updating it, I am sorry to say that. So if you want to add your blog in my list just leave a message.

2 Responses to “Oily sweet Wednesday”

  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    ma try nga yan meat with ketchup πŸ™‚ It happened to me also i changed my template and forgot to save my blogroll ..

    Ngapla nagamit kba ng alertpay?

  2. Gee of georyl.com says:

    although i'm not a chocolate person, i also love Bounty. i always keep a stock on the fridge – just for those times when I feel like I eating some chocolates.

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