One is not enough

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Well one is not enough, so there is always a TWO , yup as what I have said I don’t want to use the pink notebook, so that Sunday evening my hubby and I feels like eating the fish thing again so he ask me if I can buy some. So along the cold night I went out with my coat, gloves and umbrella because there is a little rain that night. Sadly the store is closed maybe because of the weather, so I went home. I’d ask my husband if he want me to go to Ujangsan Station to find that food, so I did but before it I went to Anyhome which is opposite way to Ujangsan. Well there is only one thing why I went to Any Home of course to buy another notebook and I bought this Blue Notebook. After buying I went back to bus station, there is only few passengers that night, descended to Ujangsan Station but like the first stall, the stalls also in Ujangsan street is closed I decided to go inside the market and see if there is someone selling that fish thing but I am so very unlucky there is not. So I decided to walk home, it is a bit far but I am trying my luck to find something on my way home. As I get inside our door I have told my husband that I did not find any but he didn’t believed me because he heard the plastic rushing from my new notebook, he thought I am just keeping it. He was so annoyed when he saw me carrying my new blue notebook, he said that’s why I am very eager to buy that fish thing because of my eagerness to have another notebook. After few minutes, we decided to went out and went to Ujangsan again to find something we like but there’s none so we took the subway station going to Hwagok and buy 2 packed of walnut and butter stuffed bread. It doesn’t reached home because before we reach Ujangsan there is nothing left from the bag. Arriving Soghwa market we bought some gimbap, we just walk home which took 15-20 minutes. Arriving to our place we went inside Tous Le Jours to buy some bread and ice cream. It’s a cold night but the need for cookies and cream ice cream is there.

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