One year here in Korea

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Yesterday is my sister’s birthday and  the marked of my one year presence here in Korea; I can still remember the very first time I arrived here. My husband fetch me at the International Airport, we rode the train then taxi to our old apartment. After fixing my things on the proper place, we are just so happy that were together again after a long time.
We shopped for my food that night because the fridge is empty; all he got is whey protein, eggs and kimchi. He bought any food for me, asking me if I want this and that, I just nod and say yes knowing that the food and stuff in front of my eyes are unfamiliar. One of the bags he asked and bought for me is the bag of chicken nuggets.
After few days, I have eaten few of the foods but not all. I feel strange with the taste and smell. I am still used with the foods I have eaten in the Philippines. My husband was bit annoyed when he saw the bag of chicken nuggets untouched after opening it. He asked me why I am not eating it; I just said I don’t like it because I have tried to eat few by cooking them in the microwave because we don’t have pan yet that time. In his dismay he ate all of those chicken nuggets during his cheat day. And told me after we’re not going to buy those chicken nuggets anymore, never again;
While we’re shopping last weekend hubby saw the bag of chicken nuggets without recalling anything he asked if I like to have it because I have told him I want a change into the food I am eating. I said yes.

Finally after one year I am able to eat these chicken nuggets, I fried them and put some love by putting pickles and mustard sauce. Hubby says “Wow” he never expected I  will design it, it feels like we’re eating in a fine restaurant. Hehe

As of now too I am enjoying eating pickles and mustard sauce in food not like before that I almost puke eating them.


4 Responses to “One year here in Korea”

  1. siromade08 says:

    cute story of the chicken nuggets, you have a nice husband your lucky, your presentation lloks great too.

  2. Poetic Shutterbug says:

    Nice story and those nuggets look pretty tasty to me 🙂

  3. Mrs. M @ TLC says:

    Beautiful story. I enjoyed reading your first cultural experience, and rejoice with you that you are with you're together with your loving husband now.

    May you be blessed living in Korea.

    I love kimchi!

  4. Earl's Daughter says:

    Great story thanks for sharing and by the way, the chicken looks good!!

    Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!

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