Onion Rings and Donuts

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I just came to the point that oh my one more hour and I didn’t blog anything yet., I am just quite busy tweaking themes no matter I try to divide my time, I can’t when I am engrossed on what I am doing., oh well just too bad I can’t share anything good today on the food I cook or eat so let me just share the cheats I had few weeks ago.,


I seldom eat junk foods like chips and curls, so mostly when we had a cheat day I run into bread or chocolates but there are times it feels tired eating sweet food and my tongue is longing for something salty and I had this onion rings, my husband all time favorite. Lol

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One Response to “Onion Rings and Donuts”

  1. Mona says:

    I tried to eat less chips na .. Takot na ako magka UTI.

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