Oriental Shrimp Rice by VIPS

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One of our favorite restaurant to dine in is VIPS Steakhouse but since we moved outside of Seoul we are out of chance to go to any VIPS outlet because it was not around our place. The other day my husband asked me to treat him some nice instant meal from the convenience store and I was ecstatic when I saw fried rice by VIPS, there’s only two boxes left so I took the two of them on the counter, I am thinking my husband will like it.

VIPS Oriental Shrimp Rice

As I also bought an instant meal and other food items in the convenience store we are not able to eat shrimp fried rice, I ate mine after two days when I came home hungry from Seoul. I just heat the rice in the oven for 1 minute and it didn’t turn out well, when my husband ate his fried rice he told me that I should heat it for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I didn’t see the instruction on the front of the box that’s why my rice taste like misty and raw.

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