Our Backpacks

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Getting ready to Sri Lanka, nine more days before Christmas, after our visit at International Clinic at Itaewon last Saturday we went shopping We shopped I mean we bought bakpacks for us to carry to Sri Lanka, hubby decided to buy backpack because he is getting tired carrying his big luggage with wheels (lol) and I know partly he want me to carry my own bag. There are a lot of shops along the streets but only few had backpacks mostly our bags with strolley or even there are backpacks it doesn’t fit our taste. So until we end at this one shop they have a big sale the backpack originally cost W95,000 dropped to W45,000 my husband was already convince to buy that one but I disagree when he wants to buy two of them because it is the same color and style, I want something different but unfortunately that’s all they have so we went to the other shop beside it and pomise to return i we don’t find any. At the new shop we found what we are looking for but there is a feeling that I want too see more, I was pissed off when my hubby was too eager to buy right that time, maybe he was tired walking and looking. The original price of the bag was W45,000 but the lady dropped it to W30,000 maybe because she saw me really pissed off because at first he said W40,000. I have said yes to my husband because I thought he is going to choose different style but when the lady packed the bags he choose same style with me but different color. I feel a little bit annoyed and tell him, hmmmp, I want our bags not in the same style. , in the end I have thought I think it looks good that we have the same bag, right?

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