Our First Day in Icheon

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Hi guys, its been a long time since my last update eh. Whats new? Well as of 12:30 in the afternoon last Friday we arrived here in Icheon, to our new place of residence for one year or so. When we arrived the apartment was not yet ready, they’re still fixing and cleaning it because the last occupant just left or let me say was just going to left at 3:30 PM (lol). So it was really a rush job cleaning the apartment, well to entertain ourselves and mainly kill our time hubby and I just roam around the place, familiarizing the neighborhood and loiter around the shopping center. Looking for supermarket, food mart, gymn and etc., around five in the afternoon we went to hubby’s new school to see his new classroom and get the schedule from his co-teacher. The room was nice, so mellow-yellow.., unfortunately the apartment was not yet ready so hubby and I went to E-mart, Jade (hubby’s co-teacher) drive us there with her car. OMG! Our cart is overflowing with goods, utensils and etc., You know why? Because hubby was so lazy to carry our old stuffs so we just left in our old apartment, but I sneak some clothes hangers on my bag even he don’t like it.(Hahaha) Actually we had a small fight regarding on carrying our stuffs, because he want me to left my bag (luggage) and my shoulder bag which I have objected so much but in the end he won, huhuhu..my precious bags…I just left my bag (luggage) in the side of the street waiting for someone to pick it up…,while my brown shoulder bag was dumped on the metal box for usable items (my luggage bag won’t fit on it).
Well, as we finished shopping. WTF, no taxi around. I instructed hubby to went to the national road to get taxi but thirty minutes had passed he was not yet around nor a taxi…after few more minutes he arrived in his feet…Grrrr…no taxi! After waiting for so long one taxi came, finally we can go home with three big boxes.
As we arrived on our apartment, everything is clear and clean. Clear because our things where still on our bags, the new bed was still standing in the corner and etc., not so long our new landlord with his wife arrived..the funny thing was we cannot understand each other..hahaha..maybe they’re just welcoming us…

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  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    will you see if i go to korea? hehe.. baka makasama ako kay hubby on his business trip πŸ˜€

  2. Marites says:

    sounds like you've had a busy day πŸ™‚ that's a cheery color of the kitchen wall.

    My MYM is here.

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