Our Holiday Vacation in India

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We arrived from our vacation in India yesterday it should be on Sunday but our flight from India to Beijing is delayed for 15 hours, Air China brought us with other passengers in a 5-star hotel fifteen minutes to the airport. Maybe because it is New Year and to avoid most of the passengers to air this frustration and hatred to the airline company especially most of the passengers has a connecting flight to other countries which is affected by the delayed.

I am going to tell more stories on my travel blog but one thing is sure India make us sick, most of the cities we visited are loud and dirty,  right now I am feeling sicker., climate change probably. Cold and cough just wake up light headed.

It snowed today just to glad that it didn’t when I went to pay our electric and internet bills because for sure I am not going to stand the cold outside. I also went out to claim my first earning from Google Adsense, it was send before Christmas but I am not here to claim it in Western Union, I have think of claiming it in India but it is too risky to do so.

Didn’t buy a lot of stuff from our vacation, I never got a doll I wanted. Within the cities we visited there are only few honest Indians who sold basic needs like bottled water in local price, most of them sold their goods in tourist price which double or thrice the local price, haist business minded people.

Hopefully I could update my blogs frequently, I have no post since we left for vacation.  I still have a list of designs to work with,  didn’t finish them last year because of almost losing my computer from virus problem, absent minded as in I can’t make my mind to work and having busy schedule both offline and online work, discouragement and etc., Sorry to those who keep waiting., I’ll try to start designing once I am feeling okay, right now all I need is a good rest and more time, I have two or three more loads of laundry can’t wash them all because we only have small balcony and cannot hang all of them together so I have to wait until the first batch of clothes dry, dunno when especially it is freaking cold outside.

Happy New Year to everyone and more blessings to share this year for us.

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3 Responses to “Our Holiday Vacation in India”

  1. Pink MagaLine says:

    Oppss.. get well soon dear. Will wait for the photos! Hihi.

  2. Mona says:

    Ganon ba … hmmm, i will never visit India haha kala m naman my pera no.

  3. Elvirah says:

    I am glad you visited my country, but sad that you experienced some problems with your stay here. Our country is a beautiful and wonderful place to visit, except for few things like you’ve faced. Hope to listen more of your experiences on your visit to India and your stay here.

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