Out of Town: Short Visit in Looc

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I have been to different countries but I have never been around our own province. I felt so ignorant for not discovering what is just around me, so when my mother asked me if I want to go to the nearby town to wander around I didn’t think twice and says yes. It was my first time to the downtown Looc, their plaza was decorated with Christmas ornaments since it was the season of giving, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ among Christian nations.

Looc, Romblon

Looc is the 4th class municipality in Romblon; it is around 45 minutes from Odiongan or maybe less. It is well known for the fish sanctuary which brings revenues for the municipality.

Looc Town

Anyway we just stop over at the plaza to take some pictures and then wander around their public market, we first stop at the stalls along the street that sells native Filipino snacks “kakanin”. Kakanin are my favourite food, I remember buying them all the time when I am still studying. I can walk home just to have a taste of it.

Looc Old Houses

Fishes are cheaper too in Looc than in Odiongan just too bad that a typhoon just passed by before the day we visited the town so fish are scarce in the wet market. We didn’t really stay longer in Looc, since it was hot and my companions doesn’t want to loiter around, so even I like going to their port I just shook my head “maybe next time”. While traversing the town centre found a lot of old houses so I didn’t waste opportunity, I just snap and snap some pictures and just too bad most of them are not good. Huhu

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