Out of Town: The Beautiful Town of Calatrava

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The day is perfect for travelling, the sky is blue and the sun is not showing so my mother asked us again if we want to do road trip. It seems I influenced her for being a traveller huh?

Calatrava, Romblon

We decided to visit Calatrava, a fifth class municipality in Romblon, we already passed this town when we went to San Agustin. We first stopped at their Municipal Fishport, went inside and took some pictures. We can clearly see the shoe island inside the port which is quite nice, I have been hearing about this island from my classmate’s long time ago, how they swim and have fun. The port is quite different from the port I have remembered when I am still in secondary high school where we had a field trip in this town and had a lunch in Lapus-Lapus Beach. If you will ask me when that was, well it was 14 years ago, over a decade. Hehe

Calatrava Town

We really didn’t take long, we headed to the nearby sea wall where there’s a marble statue of fisherman’s family and their town name in marble stone as well and then headed up to their town hall. As it was Saturday, non-school and office day, town was half empty. I was glad when I found the concrete boat I have been looking for, it was different from I remember over a decade ago maybe because it was painted now and the park around it changed a lot. It was one of the highlight of our field trip those days because of the love team that had been developed and non-stop teasing for our gay classmate involved.

Calatrava is a quite a beautiful and clean town despite of being a small one and I won’t mind coming back again, hopefully next time I could visit their water falls and beaches, since it was only a short visit and the sun is starting to come out we headed to another town nearby.

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