Out of Town: The Scenic Town of Sta. Fe

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Visiting Ferrol didn’t take long as we expected, we are still looking for adventure. It is still early to go home so we decided to continue our road trip to Sta. Fe, a 5th class municipality in Romblon, my mother and sister has been there many times when our father is working at one of its islets. They will tell me endless stories how beautiful was it, how they rode a banca or pump boat to cross the water and etc.

Sta. Fe, Romblon

Listening to their stories made me excited, so despite the fact that some of the road is rough I didn’t agree with them going back to Odiongan when the road already felt endless. My reason is we are already there and why not continue further, it turns out they have never been to downtown Sta. Fe just a part of it. Some of the roads are not just rough; it is also an endless curve going up and down in short mountainous.

Poblacion, Sta. Fe, Romblon

We only met few bikes along the way including a foreigner who is in between of smiling and not, I was startled why, it turns out the two people in front of me didn’t bother to smile or nod because the sun is toward us, the loose soil and the truck that is just behind him, well I don’t know if I smile either since my attention was focus in snapping photos along the way. Sorry, maybe next time!

Town of Sta. Fe, Romblon

Anyway my companions don’t want to continue again after we passed the intersection going to Mati not only because of the rough road but because we didn’t see people or bike along the away, it was a very silent trip all we can hear is our bike and birds. It is sort of secluded area if you will asked me, but I am already decided to continue and follow where the road will take us, after some time we saw two kids walking home from school so we stopped and asked how far is it to town of Sta. Fe, the kids told us it is still far like going back to Brgy. Manhac of Looc, my mother was so decided to return home so my sister turn around the bike and went back where we came from, I felt very disappointed. I told them that distance for kids are not the same as the distance for an adult, along the way going back to Brgy. Manhac we met a local in a motorbike and we asked how far it is to downtown Sta. Fe, we are told it is not that far, it is already downtown after we descended in the mountains so we turn around and decided to continue our trip.

Sta. Fe, Romblon

It was the right decision; the view at the foot of the mountain wowed me. It was very scenic, the sea is marvellous. We passed by their port where a boat just arrived, it probably came from Boracay. We drive around the small town and stopped by at their park and town hall. We didn’t take long because my companions are on a hurry, it is like we came and then go.

Port of Sta. Fe, Romblon

We stopped by in Looc town before heading home; we went to their public market to look for smoked fish which is cheaper compare to those you can buy in Odiongan market.

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