Out of Town: The Small Town of Ferrol

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With nothing else to do after the New Year, we are ready again for the new adventure so we headed up to Ferrol , a 6th class municipality in Romblon to look around and have a road trip. Ferrol is not that far as we expected it is less than 30 minutes from Odiongan, we stop by their town hall and snap some pictures and bought some candies at the nearby store.

Ferrol Town Hall

Then we follow where the road will take us, we had a short stopover in a bridge where I found a splendid view, I would like to stay a little longer but our mother is kind of worrying since nobody is around and we are all females. If I remember there is hearsay of a man in Ferrol running after the motorist with a bolo knife in his hand (type of cutting tools), not sure though if it is true. Hehe

Ferrol, Romblon

Along the way we found a foreigner playing basketball with the kids, a bird in the centre of the road which I went down to catch it and instead of flying the bird just keep jumping but still I only end up just taking photos of it. My sister and mother laughed at me because I can’t catch it as I am bit scared of being bitten by its beak and I have also thought what I am going to do with it if I catches it?

Ferrol, Romblon

With nothing else to do we decided to head up to Looc but when we reached a point with two roads, we don’t know where to go so we asked a local for the right road to Looc. When we ended up in town of Looc we want to travel some more, guess where the road took us?

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