Over excited…?

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This photo was taken last year, hubby has a lot of plans that Saturday four our first wedding anniversary. There’s a thing on my mind but I ignore it because I thought he is too excited for our anniversary. After visiting Jogye Temple we went to Myeongdong Cathedaral then have late lunch in Everest, a Nepalese restaurant. Then he walked me to the Dongdaemon Gate then we went home, then buy a cake to complete our first anniversary celebration.

It is not a blast but memorable visiting a temple and church on the same day. plus on  five more days we’re going to China as the part 2 our anniversary special. On Sunday he asked me what date is it, I told him it is 26th and greet him a never ending Happy Anniversary since the weekend starts.  He was shocked, you know why? He thought it was already 27th and last Saturday is 26th…lol, I knew it from the start.

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