Packed Meals from Hansot (한솥)

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It was raining hard today and we are bored and hungry so I went to 한솥 near the HBC Chicken, we’ve been wishing to try their meal and this is the right time because it is still early and the restaurant might still open unlike those times we crave it is already wee hours. They have no English menu, but their menu board has image on them so I just point the food I want to order.

Meal from 한솥

I am expecting to wait longer but within five minutes my order was already handed to me, super quick huh? I went to Paris Baguette nearby after I got my order to buy brownies but I ended up buying another baked good as well.

Meal from 한솥

The meal was superb, they tasted good and better than the meal I used to buy in convenience store probably because they are fresh and not refrigerated.  Their meals are good for students who are bringing a lunch box at school and even packed meals, picnic, lunch and dinner.

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