Pagtatawas: A Visit to a Herb Doctor

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One morning I woke with a chest pain, like there is some boulder or hollow blocks in top of my chest. It scares me because I thought the lump in my breast is already envading my veins or body, I complained about it to my family but they didn’t do anything aside from asking what did I do.  The pain didn’t go away the next day, it was much worst because my back hurts as well, I almost panic thinking my lungs is deflating or watery.

Being bewitched by unseen being is normal in rural areas, so my sister and I went to a female herb doctor complaining my chest and back pain and I was asked what did I do before experiencing pain, she chuckled asking what am I carrying at my back to feel the pain.

Well, the night before, I have only thrown the cat litter in the vacant field, after doing an egg ritual it was found  out that I got bewitched by unseen being.  Believed it or not, but the form that was shown by the egg whites above was the same form that was shown when my sister went to a herb doctor a few months before I did. It wasn’t coincidental, it only means we are bewitched in the same place, which is true.  When I throw the cat litter in the rugs that night, I have already felt something strange like I am not alone and there’s some being looking at me, I was actually on hesitation to walk through but I I still did.

Anyway, the healer massage my back a bit and I was instructed to pick some clutter in the place shown in the egg whites dropped in a glass of water and burnt it together with the egg shells, and have the smoke goes to me (tuob) and after which I should throw the dirt or the burnt clutter back to the place where I picked them. I felt better after seeing a herb doctor my back pain was gone and I am able to sleep after doing the smoke ritual but when I wake up from a power nap I felt pain in my chest again.

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