Peanut Butter Craze

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Don’t know what to say, after posting my Blue Monday entry I feel kind of hungry so I rush into the kitchen and prepare a loaf of bread and grab the bottle of peanut butter. OMG, in my surprise it is almost empty. I think there’s two wipe left for bread. We just bought it yesterday. Dunno what happened I guess hubby’s eating the peanut butter alone, because I just buy a loaf of bread today to the other supermarket because there’s no bread on the supermarket we used to shop, after consuming it all in preparing grilled cheese sandwich the other day.  TLast week it happened too, when I sleep the peanut butter is full when I wake up just one wipe to my bread and its gone.

I guess next time I am going to grab two bottle of peanut butter in the supermarket, one for me and for him. We both like it eh.,

3 Responses to “Peanut Butter Craze”

  1. Lulu Post says:

    i do like peanut butter sometimes but not a lot!

  2. Vernz says:

    Hi Ry, crazy di ako nito.. heheheh!

  3. Sweetmom says:

    my hubby loves peanut butter too:-)

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