Pet Adoption: Adopting a Pet in Korea

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Owning a pet is the dream of most people and the process of acquiring one from a breeder is not easy, they are sometimes expensive and full of frantic activity. While, in the province owning a pet is easy all you need to do is ask for one newborn pup or kitten from a neighbor, they’re usually given for free unless the animal has a breed which are usually sold for a certain price.

Well buying a pet is not always the answer because there are several animals that have no homes or people to care for them. If you are planning to own a pet I would suggest to look for animal shelter around you, not just cheaper but you are also able to help for these animals by giving them home and family to live in.
Pet Adoption in KoreaI am a pet person, I love dogs and cats since I am a little child because I have grown up having them at home and when I moved here in Korea with my husband cuddling a dog or kitten is one of the things I missed to do. I have been asking my husband to get me a kitten as he doesn’t like dogs (probably his tired hearing the constant barking of our neighbor’s dogs) but he didn’t approve it because the cat will just suffer being left alone when we travel and we are not going to be here in Korea long time. My husband is right so I am just contented looking pets for adoption at the Animal Rescue seeing the little cats and dogs made me wish that I am in the Philippines and I can maybe adopt them all one for myself.

Anyway if you are in Korea and want to own a pet please visit – help these little guys to have a foster home and family, they need  your love and attention.

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