Philosophy, You Are Who You Are and Debate

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The other night in one of our subjects as Unit Earner, we talked about our Philosophy in life or our Philosophy as a teacher, we wrote an essay about it. I realized you can’t change who you are and what you believe in life just for the sake that other people do it or other people told you to do it because it is you, it is your own views and attitude. No wonder, my mother and sister can’t change my belief and have a millennial attitude towards life.

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Anyway, it is one more day before the debate and I am not fully prepared yet. Our teacher picked me as one of the speakers for the debate with a topic “Cross-dressing should be disallowed among students” with my classmates cheering and rooting for me (lmao).  Our teacher hid two chalks in his hands and asked me to pick one, I picked the shortest one which is the negative side which mean we are in favor of cross-dressing among students.  Dunno, how I am going to defend the negative side when I am not really fully aware with this topic  and I am not really fully favored with it.

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