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When I was younger, single and fresh (lol). I really hate PINK. You know why? I am not white, not rosey cheeks , I am brown complexion, “Kutis Filipina” as what they say. So I hate wearing pink clothes, or even owning a pink stuff. I never appreciate pink before because for me Pink is for white people only. The pants I am wearing has a story, my mother bought this for me last last month when I am still in Philippines, she bought a yellow pants to my sister and I was so ungrateful to see these pants. I told her I will never wear this, I am going to wear a dirty pants rather than to wear a pink one, but as far as I remember I wore this once, yes just once when I am still in Philippines because my mother really insisted that I have to wear it.
My mother also was the one who put this pink pants on my baggage, I don’t want it to bring here in Korea, but she insisted. She said people will never criticize me wearing this pink pants because Korean were not like Pinoys. (lols) Luckily I brought this pant here in Korea because if not I am going to freeze in cold with my shorts.,
The pink blouse was a product of MSE, I just like it because of the design and somehow my sister and my mother helps a lot to bluff me that I look whiter when I am wearing this. The first time I wore this was when I went to work, Jezzz refilling ink was a very dirty job. I am doing it because ink for the cartridge is really in need. Just in a second the ink blazed to my face and to my whole pink shirt. Everything was messy my hands, the walls, the floor and the table.
I look like a monkey fall down the sewage, it was really a disaster. That time I don’t care how I look like, my first concern was the clothes my mother were going to scold me if she see what I’ve done with it. My sister was there so I ask her to buy zonrox for for color coded clothes, then I went home bringing the second to the biggest bottle of the zonrox. My sister was the one who superseded me at my work, arriving home I don’t know how to explain what happened to me. I took a bath and clean my whole face and arms from the black ink covering me. It took a long time before I succeed because it is not a water solvent (I mean cannot just be removed by water) I used the normal ZONROX (not the one I brought) just to clean my messy hands. The zonrox for color clothes doesn’t work, this blouse was “marinated” (just for laughs)for a long whole week.
Lastly I have decided to use the normal zonrox into these clothes , I have said it is better to wear it as home clothes rather than dump it. Maybe because of the kind of cloth, it doesn’t affect too much. The layer dropped with the liquid did not turn white like usually happened to some color clothes.
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